June 2016 - Issue 316

Beamish goes to war
Latest auction results
Steamer Daniel Adamson back in service
The story behind the humble jerrycan
‘Super Lions’ reunited
Farewell to preservation pioneer Giles ‘Doc’ Romanes
Commer – the early years
Five teenagers restore a Wallis steam tractor


Giles ‘Doc’ Romanes
Our tribute to road steam preservation pioneer Dr Giles Romanes, who passed away on April 14.
Beamish goes to war
More than 18,000 visitors attended the First World War-themed Steam Fair at Beamish Museum, a record season-opener and enjoyed by all who took part.
Five youngsters go engine restoring
After ‘outgrowing’ their involvement with a 6in showman’s, five teenagers got to grips with their first full-size engine restoration.
Organising a steam rally
We interview those behind the scenes of one of the UK’s premier rallies, The Gloucestershire Steam & Country Extravaganza.
The humble jerrycan
Most of our readers have one or more examples of these, but what do we know of its history?
Sixty years of the Fergie ‘grey gold’
The Ferguson FE 35 ‘grey gold’ was introduced 60 years ago, marking the diamond anniversary of a ‘diamond’ tractor.
Commercial Cars Ltd: the early years
With the aid of some delightful archive photographs, we look at the company that marketed the ‘Commer’ brand.
French connection: The Brouhot portable
How a recently restored French-built 1927 Brouhot portable engine ended up in Kent.
The science of oil
A look at the purpose of oil and its many qualities and applications.


Steam Archive
Museum Guide
What’s On
‘Tail Lamp Tom’


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Issue 316

Issue 316
June 2016

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