February 2016 - Issue 312

Down on the farm there’s plenty to see – thanks to the February issue of Old Glory. We take a look at the work of traction engines and threshing machines that, for 50 years, were familiar and imposing figures on farms up and down the land in autumn and winter.

Other familiar figures on the land were Massey Ferguson’s successful range of tractors, which are celebrating a series of special milestones this year. Find out more about the events planned to mark their impact on the farming world over the decades.

The latest issue is packed with news of achievements by people who have invested time, money and effort into restoration and new-build projects. We feature half-size and full-size Fowler B6 road locomotives, a four-ton steam tractor enjoying life in Kent, a Foster Compound 7nhp general purpose engine and a Wallis & Steevens eight-ton oilbath roller – and more.


The latest vintage transport feature looks at a Burton & Ashby Light Railway tram car that’s been repatriated from the US, and we have a special feature on one of the pioneers of preservation, Richard Shuttleworth, and report on how his efforts formed the nucleus of the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden in Bedfordshire.



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New-build Fowler Onward: David Eves has reached the 99% completion mark on replicating a long-scrapped Fowler B6 ‘Super Lion’ showman’s road locomotive.

New-build round-up: A Foster, a Fowler, a Savage and a Wallis feature among our new-build round-ups

New-build: The Marshall-Stratton engine: A bespoke freelance design of a
new-build 4-ton steam tractor is the pride of Romney Marsh in Kent.

Pioneer of Preservation: Richard Shuttleworth. The items amassed by aviator, motorist and racing driver Richard Shuttleworth now form the nucleus of the famous collection at Old Warden, Bedfordshire.

A Test of Endurance: Duncan Sanders’ latest creation is a half-size Fowler B6 road loco built for engineman Ted Saunders.

Enough for the tram fare home: An historic sole-surviving example of a Burton & Ashby Light Railway tramcar is now back on British soil having been repatriated from the US.

Battle for Howth: With volunteers that can be counted on just two hands, is it a bleak future for Ireland’s national transport collection?

Tractomania: a fine French vintage. Reporting from the largest combined vintage vehicle event of its kind in France, held annually in the mid-Pyrenees.

Tri-Tandem rollers: Part 3. An overview of the three-axle tandem roller with a look at the US-built models and the preserved Robeys.

Three-quarter size Burrell: A nine-inch Burrell road locomotive that’s as big as a full-size Burrell Gold Medal Tractor!


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Issue 312

Issue 312
February 2016

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