Feb 2015 - Issue 300

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Remember Steam Sphere?

We look at a newspaper published in 1971-2, before Old Glory was conceived, that was just for steam and vintage enthusiasts.

The Alex Sharphouse Collection
Alex and his wife Charlotte collected so many steam and vintage items that they opened their Cumbrian farm to the public.

The National Fairground Archive
On its 20th anniversary, a look at the historic significance of The National Fairground Archive, held at the University of Sheffield.

Making Progress Part 2
The restoration of John and Brenda Newton’s 1924 Burrell showman’s road locomotive Progress.

Relocated and Restored
An iconic West Midlands post mill at Avoncroft open-air museum of buildings is now back in fine fettle.

The ‘Salt King’ and the Droitwich Canals
Salt entrepreneur John Corbett played a big part in the now-restored Droitwich Canals.

All change at Battlefield Rest
As Europe’s ‘most ornate tram shelter’ celebrates its centenary, we find the ‘fayre’ on offer is a little different from the ‘fares’ of old.

Early Avelings in the USA
Derek Rayner tells something of the machines from Rochester that were exported to America in the 19th century.

Rare Schneider in Sussex
A rare Schneider wagon chassis located in a Sussex barn is currently on the market.

The Wantage engine
One of just two surviving traction engines from this small Oxfordshire builder is alive and well in Ireland.

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Issue 300

Issue 300
Feb 2015

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