Nov 2014 - Issue 297

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Foden road test revisited
Rather than road test Foden C Type wagon No 12364 in the late 1920s, the correspondents of Commercial Motor magazine waited until 1988 to get round to it.

The John Allen of Oxford Motor Scythe
The John Allen & Sons of Oxford self-propelled motor scythe is becoming increasingly hard to find, but not in Chris Eades’ back garden.

Printers’ block
Before Gary Wragg could reproduce his collection of old printers’ type and engraved illustration blocks, he first had to restore the machinery to print them.

Tracks to the Trenches
Eighteen months of planning a First World War military railway reconstruction came together for members of the Moseley Railway Trust.

Ted Jones and sons
A 50th anniversary re-enactment road run for this Shropshire man of steam.

Roslyn the red roller
Michael Oldham’s Aveling & Porter 10-ton road roller No 8974 of 1919 Roslyn.

NTET Sixtieth anniversary road run
180 road steamers take to the lanes of Bedfordshire and east Cambridgeshire
for the day in a glorious celebration of steam on the road.

Big Betsy’s Bush Rescue
A crazy, 12-month slog to rescue a huge 28hp Marshall portable engine from the bush, involving New Zealand Railways, various plant and big chunks of timber.

An uplifting experience
We meet Ray Darvell and his 4in-scale Foster crane engine and heavy loads.


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Issue 297

Issue 297
Nov 2014

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