April 2016 - Issue 314

It’s fabulous, it’s fiery and it’s a Foster – Malcolm Ranieri reports on the 1927 Foster class ST 6nhp traction engine No 14598 Fiery Elias, steamed and driven for the first time since a major restoration.
Last year saw the welcome return to the road of ‘Crown Haulage’ Super Sentinel steam waggon No 7954 of 1929. Owned by Malcolm Rogers of Kent, it is featured in all its red and blue liveried glory in the latest issue, with a series of great photos detailing its painstaking restoration and its appearance on a road run to mark the Sentinel Works Centenary celebration.
We hop across the Channel to France for a feature on ingenious engineer Denis Papin, a 17th century inventor whose legacy lives on in items that we still use today.
Alan Barnes looks back at the Leyland works of 100 years ago, which turned out lorries for the War Office and a series of double and single-deck buses.
And we feature the second part of Alan’s story of Winston Churchill – not the politician, but Burrell Special Scenic No 3909 of 1922 – and meet its new owner.
In addition we have a special feature on Massey-Harris in wartime, including some delightful artwork from the period.
And if you agree that small is beautiful, you’ll love Ray Sweeting’s six-inch scale (half size) Savage Road Locomotive.


Sale of the decade: auction preview
Fifteen steamers, a myriad of tractors, commercials and much more besides previewed for the Keeley Collection sale on May 14.

Regaining the Crown
It’s a welcome return to the road for ‘Crown Haulage’ Super Sentinel steam waggon No 7954 of 1929 after a gap of 10 years.

Fiery Elias and the Cadeby connection
Audrey Boston’s Foster class ST 6nhp traction engine No 14598 of 1927 Fiery Elias is steamed for the first time in February following a heavy restoration.

Patterns from polystyrene
A new Marshall compound block has been cast using polystyrene patterns for the first time in history. 

Denis Papin: steam pioneer
The history behind this little-known French ‘Ingenieur Extraordinaire’ and his early ‘pressure valve’ steam ‘digesteur’.

Leyland Works tour
A look at Leyland’s works in the early years of the last century with the help of some stunning official photography of the period.

Winston Churchill Pt.2
An elder statesman among Burrell Special Scenic Road Locomotives is now owned by ‘Fowler man’ Allan Marchington.

Massey-Harris: the war years
How two world wars affected the production output of this large worldwide agricultural machine manufacturer.

The old trams of Adelaide
Adelaide is famous with enthusiasts for its tram museum and the splendid restoration work undertaken on local vehicles.

Too Savage by half
A model that collected three trophies during its first year of steaming, Ray Sweeting talks about his 6in scale Savage Road Locomotive.


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Issue 314

Issue 314
April 2016

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