December 2015 - Issue 310

The summer may be gone but we’ve still got many happy memories of sunny days in 2015 to share thanks to shows and steam weekends we’re featuring in the December issue.
Peter and Jayne Love report on their trip to Australia, where they tracked down some fascinating traction engines and road rollers that began life on the other side of the world.
We dig deep to bring you a report on the end of the UK’s deep coal mining industry and head north of the border to the National Mining Museum Scotland for an insight into how the Scots celebrate their rich mining heritage.
Enjoy the heart-warming tale of the 6in scale Marshall traction engine that Steve Casey built with his late father Tom. The old-school boilermaker’s skill and attention to detail resulted in a magnificent model… which, when swarf he had collected was melted down, was turned into a bronze/brass nameplate, engraved ‘Tom’ in his memory.
And the wheel turns full circle with a feature on young engineer Alistair Cook, a rising star in the engineering world who, at the tender age of 20, has the job of his dreams. Find out more in the December issue!


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Tri-tandem rollers: Was it a case of function over form for the three-axle tandem road roller that became known as Tri-tandems?

Burrell showman’s tractors: Just 13 of Charles Burrell’s new lightweight steam tractors were actually built for showmen out of the 220 that were built.

130 years of Blackpool’s trams: Blackpool Transport celebrated in late September to mark 130 years of its trams in a way that was not considered possible back in 2012.

The Leyland wagon: The first in a series that looks at the small beginnings of companies that ultimately became a household name.

Demise of Old King Coal: With the closure of Britain’s last deep coal mine due to take place this month it would have seemed inconceivable to pioneer road and rail steam enthusiasts that no facility would exist in six decades’ time.

National Mining Museum Scotland: We travel north of the border to see how Scotland celebrates its rich mining heritage at the former Lady Victoria Colliery.

Return trip to Australia: A UK enthusiast’s tour down under takes in places of steam and vintage interest that were last visited in 2001.

The Cook Report: In May 2011 Colin Tyson told readers to watch out for great things in the future from young engineer Alistair Cook... and he was proved right!

Tom the half a Marshall:
Featuring Steve Casey’s 6in scale Marshall traction engine that he built with his late father – and is now enjoyed by Steve’s children.

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Issue 310

Issue 310
December 2015

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