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If you love the spectacle of immaculately restored old machinery, or are fascinated by Britain’s rich industrial and transport heritage, Old Glory is the magazine for you! In vivid detail it brings back all the sights and sounds of yesteryear. Glorious showman’s engines belt out the amperes to drive historic fairground rides; pairs of mighty steam ploughing engines turn the soil; steam rollers make up roads once more; tram wheel flanges squeal through town and city streets; colourful working narrowboats ply the canals; dray horses deliver good ale to the pubs; vintage tractors cough into life; stationary engines turn over tirelessly and the commercial vehicles we used to know take to the road again.

Old Glory is a celebration not only of what used to be, but also of what still is, thanks to the tireless efforts of restorers.

Old Glory is no history book. It tells you where you can still experience the living past today, and introduces you to the amazing characters who get oil under their fingernails and coal dust in their pores in their efforts to transform derelict machinery into jewels of living splendour.
Most of all, though, it’s alive!

Published monthly with full colour throughout, it’s a bright, entertaining read with an authoritative technical edge covering subjects as diverse as steam yachts and veteran motorcycles to steam rollers, tractors and stationary engines.

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